We know how it is: you came across our beautiful water somewhere and SOLO got your attention? What is this water? pH 10? Is it even possible? Yes. This is SOLO and we are very proud of our unique and why not to say, rare water.

We love water and love sharing our knowledge and passion with each and every person out there who understands the importance of drinking quality water. We promote health through a naturally alkaline mineral water extracted from the Guarani Aquifer, one amazing feature from Mother Nature that brings us SOLO under a unique and very special composition that is highly alkaline, helping the body hydrate faster than regular water.

SOLO also presents negative PRAL (Potential Renal Acid Load), helping in the upkeep of the renal system, which can be damaged by the consumption of acidic foods and drinks, extremely common in the modern western diet.

Containing Vanadium, SOLO actively aids with the body’s sensitivity to insulin, helping it prevent diabetes through glycemic control. Through this process the body will feel more energetic, which is essential in order to keep up with our daily activities.

Our unique composition is our strongest claim to bring you on this new level of hydration. From health conscious to health conscious, we decided to start this conversation highlighting the most frequently asked questions so you can get to know us a little better.

About East Emirates Trading LLC

Solo is being distributed in the UAE by East Emirates Trading LLC.

East Emirates Trading is a locally owned company specialized in Imports and Distribution of Premium Food Products in GCC region.

Established in 2019, we aim to be one of the prominent distributors for the HORECA and RETAIL Channels in this Region.

We pride ourselves for having a strong core team of dedicated professionals committed in understanding customer needs to build lasting partnership.