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What is the real benefit of drinking SOLO Alkaline water?

There are several benefits in drinking alkaline water.

Alkaline water is every water with pH over 7.0

SOLO water, by its turn, is something else: besides having the higher pH among natural alkaline waters, it also has a Negative PRAL, or the “good PRAL”, which stands for negative Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL).

Why is this so important?  Because it aids our system to maintain cells on their ideal transmembrane potential, helping to achieve a zone of healthy state and remain there.

Why not all waters are the same?

First things first, not all-natural water is the same.

Every fountain has its own special characteristics due its specific location and where it is settled. The ambient as a whole has a great deal of impacts on the water we extract, such as minerals found in the composition, the resulting pH and other specificities.

That’s one of SOLO’s fortes: our reservoir, located in the massive Guarani Aquifer, has a very rare combination: the water is naturally alkaline and features a set of important micro minerals such as Vanadium and Silicon, in right amounts for human intake.

Furthermore, the intricacies of the reservoir give a very low surface tension to the water, which translates as: our water is capable of hydrating your body more effectively than most waters in the market. Most importantly, and we can’t stress this enough: NATURALLY. We extract the SOLO water with such qualities directly from the soil, and we do not add any chemicals in order to achieve this benefit.

Why shouldn’t we drink regular tap water?

Worldwide, people have the habit of drinking tap water, however this is not safe as we cannot be always relying on the companies responsible to treat and deliver the water. The tap water runs off your faucet with a lot of organic matters and chemicals, such as chlorine added in order to make the water viable for human consumption. What most people don’t know is that chlorine alone affects more than 22 organs in the human body.

Is alkaline water suitable for everyone?

Yes. A good quality alkaline water, with Negative PRAL should be consumed by everyone, at any age. 97,5% of all water in our planet is Alkaline, Ionized with Negative PRAL (the sea water has pH of 8.0, more than 84 micro elements dissolved, and has a very Negative PRAL as well).

Why SOLO is so special?

Solo is so special because it features a very rare combination: High pH, some very hard to find micro mineral such Vanadium and Silicon, in the right amounts, and it has very low surface tension, which means that it is capable of hydrating more than most waters. Now, the best part: completely natural, with no human touch or industrial processing. SOLO comes from the ground to the bottle and then, to you.

Is there a limit on SOLO intake water per day?

It’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to water daily consumption. The suggested ratio is 1 Liter of water for every 30kg of body weight per day.

Ex.: If your weight is 90 kilos, you can drink up to 3 liters of SOLO per day.

The difference between drinking SOLO and any other water is that if a any given water has a lower hydration power, it simply doesn’t do much. Believe it or not, there are some types of water that can actually get you dehydrated.

When you drink SOLO, even if in less than the recommended amount, it will release the benefits of our boosted hydration power.